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Committed to supporting the creative community on the Isle of Wight,
Medina Books is a small independent bookshop on Cowes High Street.

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Jules Marriner

For many years Jules worked as an illustrator, wishing she could see her own children’s books in print. Then, an off-chance remark made her pluck up the courage to bring to life ‘Vincent and the Vampires’, her first book. Now, she is working on her eleventh!

Jules works from home, in the cosy studio at the end of her wild garden on the Isle of Wight, thinking about how she can make a story from the silly things that occur to her, or putting to paper a hare-brained scene from her imagination.

Jules is one of the co-founders of the IW Story Festival. For more information about Jules visit her website

Jules Marriner
Bye Bye Germs

By Dr. Katie Laird, Prof. Sarah Younie and Jules Marriner

Bye-Bye Germs

In the wake of Covid-19, we are all aware of the importance of hand hygiene. Medina Publishing has partnered with De Montfort University to publish a child-friendly book that will help parents and carers explain the importance of hand-washing. Written and illustrated by Jules Marriner, this book explains how germs spread through the story of Jess and Joe as well as providing some key talking points.


Other Books

Chasing Butterflies by Zoe Sadler

Chasing Butterfles

Chasing Butterflies by Isle of Wight writer and illustrator Zoe Sadler is a sweet book that reminds us all to chase those dreams, or those butterflies!

Uki and the Swamp Spirit

Uki and the Swamp Spirit

From bestselling Isle of Wight author and winner of the Blue Peter Best Story Book Award, Uki and the Swamp Spirit is the fifth title set in the adventurous world of Podkin One-Ear.

The Niggle

The Niggle

Joe has never been afraid of anything until a tiny monster swims into his ear and whispers worries into Joe’s head. Will he be brave and overcome the Niggle? By Isle of Wight writer and illustrator Peta Rainford


Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are

– Mason Cooley

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