Isle of Wight 1970: The View From The Crowd – Alan Stroud and Tom Stroud


The colour photographs of five individuals at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970. Many unpublished, until now.


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Isle of Wight 1970: The View From The Crowd by Alan Stroud and Tom Stroud

Some of the festivalgoers who came to Alton in 1970 didn’t just bring money and a sleeping bag – they brought their cameras. This book presents the work of five individuals who had the foresight to take high quality colour photographs of events at Afton, many unpublished until now.

These photographs are not only a fascinating body of work but with the passage of time they have become a social document providing a welcome antidote to the conventional photographs of the festival that concentrate on the performers. This time the star of the show is the audience.

Complete with contemporary quotes give us an alternative, fly-on-the-wall view of events all those years ago.