Rebel Beauty for Teens – Bethan Christopher


Rebel Beauty for Teens by Isle of Wight author and illustrator Bethan Christopher is the new book on a mission to repair the confidence of teenage girls.


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The term ‘gorgeousness’ describes an energy that is unique to every woman. It is the individual quality of your You-Ness. In a world immersed in visual media, where stick-thin models are used to sell everything, teenage girls are under increasing pressure to achieve an unattainable physical perfection.

Rebel Beauty for Teens has been created to help girls develop a resilient relationship with themselves and their bodies, encouraging them to feel excited about their own unique brand of gorgeousness, irrespective of age, looks and body shape. Beautifully illustrated throughout, using the principals of NLP and CBT, this is an interactive programme that will empower young women with the skills and knowledge to shift their inner narrative, develop self-esteem and build confidence in who they are as opposed to how they look.

Isle of Wight based Bethan Christopher is an illustrator, artist and freelance writer. She is also the author women’s body-love bible, of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness.