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An Evening with Roger Sanders

On 8th April, we’re delighted to welcome local author Roger Sanders to the bookshop. A Newport resident, Roger is known to many as the name and face behind the Saunders Sports shop. Retired now, he has sat down and written his debut novel, Ted’s Cafe

He’ll be chatting with Paul about the book and his writing process. The conversation will be followed by a Q and A with the audience and a book signing.

Ted’s Cafe centres around four retired men, who have met regularly at their local cafe for years. The cafe remains the one constant as they encounter the challenges and traumas of their changing personal lives and a political world in turmoil.

David Tanner, ex-journalist born at the fag end of the baby boomer years, and mates Alan, Eric and Charlie dissect the news at Ted’s Cafe. Ted’s Cafe is the only place left open the men visited in their youth; a cafe founded by a Greek Cypriot and his son, who fled post-referendum, and now run by Jasiek and Danka, a Polish couple not sure of their future in a polarised Britain. David’s story follows post-work life with more upheavals and surprises than expected.

He reflects on the special relationship he has with his friends. They talk about the past, are bewildered by the present and are unsure of the future. Can David find love again when he discovers his wife has been keeping a secret that could end their marriage? Will he learn to be happy in retirement and make sense of an uncertain post-Brexit future with coronavirus on the horizon?

Read a few reader reviews below:

All in all, an excellent first novel from this author, and I hope there is a follow up, and soon!” 

“A worthy and wise debut novel from the Isle of Wight’s Roger Sanders emphasises the value of long-standing friendships and that rosier glow looking back at the past and observing that things were so much better than – especially music!”

“This interesting novel combines politics, social history and four friends whose lives weave in and out of the narrative covering March 2019 to February 2020. A challenging task but done with humour and a passion for honesty and fairness in society.”

Book Now

In Conversation with Roger Sanders is being held on Friday 8th April between 7pm and 9pm. Tickets cost £3, which is refundable on purchase of the book at the event. Please book your ticket in advance (due to limited capacity) by calling the Medina Bookshop on 01983 300044 or visiting in person.

Disclaimer: the venue is not licensed, and therefore attendees are asked to bring their refreshments.