Book Review People Like Her

Loved by millions, hunted by one…

Are influencers really living their best life or is it all artful deception? If you are intrigued by Instagram culture then pick up a copy of the compelling debut, People Like Her. The story of Emmy Jackson a.k.a Mama Bare is a captivating look behind the squares of a mum with millions of followers. Told from 3 different perspectives, Emmy, her husband and a follower. We witness the impact of Emmy’s online career on herself, her family and her ‘fans’.

Despite changing characters and timelines, the writing is consistently clear and concise. You get the sense shortly into the narrative that it’s building to a terrifying crescendo, so the fun in reading this book is very much in anticipation of what will become of the characters. Each person’s actions are disconcerting, but they all ultimately believe they’re in the right, which makes for flawed and interesting individuals to read about. 

This suspenseful, page-turner gives a new perspective on social media and its use, inadvertently raising important questions on authenticity, integrity and relatability. I found myself changing my view on social media throughout the novel, questioning if it was good or bad, but this story beautifully expresses that it’s not a black and white issue. There is nuance to how we portray ourselves to others and our relationship to the truth.

Warning: I look at Instagram and influencers differently now. My opinion of social media is forever changed by this powerful story.

Favourite Quote

‘… if comparison is the thief of joy, Instagram is the cat burglar of contentment.’

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Your social media obsessed friend or your book club. The themes in this book would make for an interesting discussion.

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