Bittersweet, A Story of Food & Yemen




by Sayed Asif Mahmud, Marta Colburn and Jessica Olney

A captivating exploration of Yemen’s rich culinary heritage. Authored by Bangladeshi photographer, Sayed Asif Mahmud, with contributions from Marta Colburn and Jessica Olney, this visually stunning book takes the readers on a soulful discovery of how food is intricately woven into the fabric of Yemeni identity, portraying everyday practices, cooking techniques, and livelihoods against the backdrop of Yemen’s unique landscapes, architecture and heart-warming gatherings.

Through evocative photographs and meticulous research, the book delves into the origins, development and transformations of Yemeni culinary traditions. It explores the cultural significance of food in Yemen’s history, touching on factors like agriculture, trade, and identity, bringing the unique cuisine of Yemen alive for specialists, food enthusiasts and those invited to appreciate the dignity and perseverance of the Yemeni people and support them through a spirit of solidarity and respect.