Death at St Jude’s by Mary Grand




‘A fascinating whodunnit to stimulate even the most demanding of amateur sleuths.’ T.A. WilliamsThe Isle of Wight has always felt like a safe place to live for keen dog-walker and reluctant sleuth Susan. But after being involved in the investigation of a troubling crime near her old home, Susan decides to move to the peaceful village of Bishopstone.

Susan loves the sense of community and immediately throws herself into village life, volunteering at the local primary school and joining the choir of St Jude’s. So, when there is an altercation at the meeting of the choir committee, followed by a shocking accident involving head teacher Lawrence, Susan is dismayed to realise her powers of deduction may be needed again. There is a dangerous criminal hiding in plain sight and with the police reluctant to help, Susan must put together the pieces of the fiendish puzzle to flush out a killer before they strike again.

A brand new cosy mystery from the author of the bestselling The House Party. Perfect for fans of Frances Evesham, Faith Martin and LJ Ross. ‘A masterclass in story-telling.’ Owen Mullen’I thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing mystery set in a beautiful location with deliciously menacing undercurrents.’ Frances EveshamWhat readers are saying about Mary Grand:‘I’ve read all of Mary Grand’s book and this one is just another brilliant read.

I loved the way the characters interact and the twists in finding out who the murderer was. A great book to curl up in a comfy seat and try to work out who done it!’‘Mary Grand does it again with a gripping who done it on the beautiful Isle of Wight. A new and exciting cast of characters both two and four legged (dogs as always an important part of the story) lead us on a chase to unravel the clues, ignore the red herrings and guess the murderer.

Who knew that such skillduggery happened on this much loved holiday island? I always so enjoy her books and can’t recommend them highly enough. I also can’t wait for the next one!!!!’‘I’ve so enjoyed Death at Castle Cove. I visited the Isle of Wight about 8 years ago for the day and I remember Ventnor very well as we stopped there for an hour.

Mary your booked transported me back there and your descriptions of the beaches and area roundabout are lovely. I really had no idea ‘whodunit’ and I loved the way you teased us with snippets sending us in all directions. I’m looking forward to your next one and thank you for a lovely read and an escape around the IOW.’‘All Mary Grand’s books are great reading and her latest is no exception.

I loved it!’‘Truly could not put this book down and read on into the night. The main character is determined to save the mystery of her friend’s death and tho’ she was unwisely outspoken, at risk and often wrong, her efforts bring dividends. A reader has no option but to stay with her all the way.’‘I especially liked how the author gradually peeled back the layers.

Layers of secrets and lies. I don’t know how many times I changed my mind about who the killer was. It was so well done, and I didn’t guess whodunnit until the reveal.

I really enjoyed it and plan to read more from this author in the future.’