Grandpa’s Dear Old Girl – Felicity Fair Thomspon


Grandpa’s Dear Old Girl is a children’s book written by local Isle of Wight author Felicity Fair Thompson and illustrated by local artist Carolyn Pavey.


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Grandpa’s Dear Old GirlĀ by Felicity Fair Thompson, illustrated by Carolyn Pavey

Millie’s grandpa Big Frank has been the lighthouse keeper all his life, but when Jack-o-the-lamp comes to the island to automate the light, Millie is worried.

What will her grandpa do now without the lighthouse he calls his ‘Dear Old Girl’?

A big storm is brewing, but when Big Frank and Millie try to warn them, the fisherman take no notice. But they need Big Frank’s help when the storm sweeps in, and he needs Millie’s, when the lighthouse lamp goes out…

A children’s chapter book with atmospheric black and white illustrations for adventure story fans. Written and illustrated by Isle of Wight locals.