The Story of Wootton Church – The Rector, Rev. A.H. Genower, B.A


A booklet originally published in 1958 by the Reverend Arthur Genower about the history of St. Edmund’s Church, Wootton.

Staple-bound booklet

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The Story of Wootton Church by The Rector, Rev. A. H. Genower, B. A

Over half a century ago, back in 1958, the Reverend Arthur Genower, who was Rector of Wootton from 1940 until 1968, wrote and published this history of St Edmund’s Church, Wootton. It was entitled The Story of Wootton Church, for at that time, apart from being the Parish Church, St. Edmund’s was effectively the only Anglican church in Wootton, as St. Mark’s in Station Road had been closed due to the Second World War. (It was not re-opened again until after the Reverend retired from the parish.

This booklet is being re-published in its original form without any alterations or revisions, as it was felt that rather than attempt to revise the original text it would be preferable to refer readers to subsequent publications, which include details of changes made to St. Edmund’s since 1958, and also cover the redevelopment of St. Mark’s. These publications include: Church and Parish – St. Edmund’s Church and the Parish of Wootton 1087-2000 AD, and A History of St. Mark’s, both by Doreen Gazey.