Victoria’s Island Village – Sarah Burdett


Sarah Burdett tells the history of Whippingham, the centre of Queen Victoria’s Royal Estate on the Isle of Wight, It also documents before and after her reign.



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Victoria’s Island Village: Whippingham by Sarah Burdett

The village of Whippingham became the centre of the Victorian Royal Estate on the Isle of Wight where it supported Osbourne House and Barton Manor. The farms, school, almshouses and cottages were all rebuilt under her instructions. Prince Albert built a ‘model farm’ at Barton and Queen Victoria took a close interest in ‘her people’ in Whippingham, providing for them in sickness and health. This book is an updated version of ‘The Book of Whippingham’ originally published in 2006. It tells the history of the village and also documents events before and after Victoria’s reign and looks at her continuing influence today.