Whinchat Goes Camping – Carole Frances Hughes, Alan Padick


The second book in the children’s sailing series by local Isle of Wight author Carole Frances Hughes. Suzie and Rupert first learnt to sail in Whinchat’s First Adventure.


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Whinchat Goes CampingĀ by Carole Frances Hughes and illustrated by Alan Padwick

Twins Suzie and Rupert are thrilled to be allowed to go camping with their older cousinĀ  John and take their Optimist dinghy ‘Whinchat’ with them. They sail to the beach, swim and cook supper over a camp fire, leaving Whinchat afloat in the creek and tied to a tree, before spending their first night in a tent.

The next morning, Winchat has gone! Has she floated, all alone, out to sea – and will the children ever see her again?