Get ready for action, adrenaline and adventure in this explosive, brand new Alex Rider mission by bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz


Two decades of spy action

This year marks the twentieth anniversary since Alex Rider burst on to the scene in Stormbreaker, and the high octane pursuits of this teenage spy show no signs of ageing with the release of the twelfth book in the series Nightshade.

 I’m most definitely not in the bracket of the target audience (even my son is technically too old for it now!) but I am not ashamed to say that I love the series and they take pride of place on my bookshelf, so I was excited to return to Alex’s world. I’m delighted to say I wasn’t disappointed.

It may have been twenty years for us but for poor Alex, it’s been just a single year since his uncle was murdered and he was thrust into the clandestine world of M16, spies and international espionage. He’s been kidnapped, tortured, shot at, blown up and sent into space and yet still he’s still expected to do his homework after he has saved the world for the umpteenth time.

Deadly nightshade

In his latest mission, Alex is sent by MI6 Special Operations to infiltrate a new and sinister organisation known only as Nightshade. Only this time the mission is off the books and Alex is on his own. He quickly learns he isn’t the only teenager with crazy skills, except these kids aren’t afraid to use deadly force if anyone gets in their way.

Anthony Horowitz is the master of the spy thriller. Nightshade is a fast-paced, explosive adventure from cover to cover. His attention to detail will delight any wannabe young spies but he also doesn’t sugarcoat the emotional rollercoaster that Alex suffers at the hands of the good guys as well as the bad.

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