“Sometimes our deepest fears are the ones we keep closest to our hearts.”


At nearly 600 pages, one might be tempted to assume that Dracul is an effort to read, no matter how rewarding. Far from it, the pages fly by, each one packed with adventure, intrigue and mystery. A truly thrilling read, Dracul is the fictionalised tale of Bram Stoker, detailing his seemingly very real inspirations for Dracula. Accompanied by detailed notes from the author, even the most cynical of people will be left questioning where the reality ends and the fiction begins.


“In my mind, I saw her glaring down at me from the ceiling, her red eyes glowing with hatred and hunger, and I knew that she could do such a thing, even if I didn’t want to believe it.”


Inspired by the notes Dracula’s creator left behind, the novel begins with a young Bram. By all accounts a child who was burdened with illness, at the age of seven Bram made a miraculous recovery. He and his sister, Matilda, make their mysterious Nanna Ellen the subject of deep inquiry, her strange habits and nocturnal outings leading them to become increasingly suspicious. What they cannot know is that one terrifying night they share in their childhood will come back to haunt them as adults, and take them on a wild adventure far away from their home in Ireland. Who is Ellen really? Bram’s saviour, or an embodiment of evil? Who will survive the terrible ordeal facing them?

Dracul has it all, adventure, a thrilling chase, the gothic, and of course a little bit of gore. All this accompanied by a gripping storyline makes Dracul a novel you can truly get your teeth into.


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