“…the police deem it an accident but Beth is not so sure.”


On the secluded Isle of Wight Patrick and wife Kathleen have just finished building their dream home and have invited their closest friends to celebrate with them. It should be a joyous occasion but Kathleen is standing in the face of danger. Fearful, she turns to her good friend, Beth, to tell her about her anxieties with a promise to finish the conversation another day… but that promise soon becomes impossible. The next day Kathleen is found dead on the beach below her house, the police deem it an accident but Beth is not so sure.

In this exciting book, the first of three thrillers Grand will set on the Isle of Wight, we follow Beth in her search for the truth. Will her hunt allow her to uncover what has really happened, or will she find herself alienated from all her friends and possibly even her family? Is Kathleen really the kind, loving friend that Beth believes she is or will we discover a side to Kathleen that was hidden even from her husband? Grand beautifully uses the remote scenery on the Isle of Wight to weave an exciting story that leaves you desperate to know the truth, and wondering if it will ever be fully uncovered.

Mary Grand

Mary is an Isle of Wight author who has recently signed a three-book deal with Boldwood Books. She was kind enough to let us know a little about what she has been doing while in lockdown, you can take a look at what she aid here: Ask the Author with Mary Grand