Night I Met Father Christmas

“His eyes twinkled with kindness, and I felt a wave of happiness lift me like a toy in a bathtub. All my doubts were gone. Father Christmas was real, and here he was, in my very own house.”

The Night I met Father Christmas is reviewed by our bookseller Lucy

Have you ever wondered how Father Christmas became who he is today? Jackson has, and on Christmas Eve he decides to stay up late to meet him. But Santa isn’t all he seems, and as he tells Jackson his incredible backstory, it wasn’t the story any of us were expecting, but great stories never are. 

Renowned actor, comedian and now bestselling author Ben Miller beautifully combines the story of Father Christmas with a retelling of A Christmas Carol. He gradually drops hints at the beginning until it becomes the Dickens story, us adults all know and love. And for children, it is a lovely first retelling with all the magic still intact. 

Miller’s story feels very authentic and no details go unexplained. The Night I Met Father Christmas is so heart warming it leaves me wishing the story was true. His wonderful debut really is a gift at Christmas time.