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Committed to supporting the creative community on the Isle of Wight,
Medina Books is a small independent bookshop on Cowes High Street.

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Bethan Christopher

Based on the Isle of Wight, Bethan Christopher is a speaker, author and coach working to bridge the gap between positive self-esteem, success mindset and body image. For 20 years, Bethan has been on a mission to break down Ideal Beauty. Her first book Grow Your Own Gorgeousness was featured in the Times Educational Supplement and Elle Magazine.

In 2004 Bethan founded the Gorgeousness Programme, helping teens across the UK to break the glass ceiling caused by low body and self esteem.

Her new book Rebel Beauty For Teen: 7 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Brand of Gorgeousness is published on 15th April.

You can read our Ask the Author blog with Bethan here. For more information about Bethan visit her website

Bethan Christopher
Rebel Beauty for Teens

By Bethan Christopher

Rebel Beauty For Teens

This new book from local author Bethan Christopher aims to help readers aged 12-16 navigate through the societal pressure to look perfect, fit a narrow beauty ideal and instead unleash their own unique gorgeousness. An interactive journal, full of practical exercises doodling space, young people are shown how to communicate with confidence, empower their body language, ignite their passions and master the hormonal shifts of their menstrual cycle.


Other Books

Pon My Puff

Pon My Puff

A childhood in 1920s Isle of Wight by Peter Stark Lansley with an introduction from Charles Morris, Pon My Puff is an autobiographical novel.

Isle and Empires

Isle and Empires

The tumultuous story of the Romanovs and their enigmatic relationship with Britain is brought to life in Stephan Roman’s Isle and Empires – Romanov Russia, Britain and the Isle of Wight.

Published 5th July 2021

Travel Mementos

Travel Mementos

A collection of true stories from locations around the world by Isle of Wight writer Julie Watson, spanning continents and cultures.


Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are

– Mason Cooley

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